the choir

Named after a book by Joseph Nambaugh called 'The Choirboys' the band hit their peak in the 'new romantic' period of Duran Duran. Originally SG and Andy Skelton late of the Pumphouse Gang were cutting demos with drummer Paul Athey, late of Freshwater's Big Swifty. The Choir's first gig at the Court Jester in Sandown in February 1981 featured the band expanded by Paul Hunter keyboards and Bill Kent on bass.

The Choir cut their own single Lost Legions/Wait A Minute plus an album on their own Pageant label. The album was bought up by A&M who signed the band and re-released the album.

"A&M used their influence to put us on the Eurythmics tour. The Choir didn't have a manager. By now, we had been existing for four years. The new material didn't have the spark. We had gigged ourselves into the deck. One minute playing in front of two thousand in a packed Lyceum, the next minute we're playing down the local pub. We had no long term strategy. The buzz had gone out of it." - SG, The Choir.



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