Although the actual date that the band was formed is vague, sometime in 1978 Nigel Hayles-Guitar, Debbie Barker - Lead Vocals, Eric Biggs-Bass and Chris Lines - Drums formed 'FLİRT'. With this line-up the band played around the usual iow venues at the time. Original material was wrote along with covers of bands like Blondie, The pretenders, Eddie & the hot rods, Ramones and other Punk/new wave bands of the time.

İn 1979 the band changed their name to 'Cassie', agreed to sign a  record deal with portsmouth Label Video Records and a publishing deal with Wessex Music. Around this time Drummer Chris Lines was sacked and replaced with Hugh Lewis.

The band entered Telecomms Studios in Portsmouth  where Tracks 1 and 11 were recorded. Sadly 'Video Records' ran into financial trouble and nothing was ever released.

The band continued with the same line-up and entered Tim Marshalls studio on the isle of wight in 1980 to record some demos for Wilf pine ( the former Black Sabbath Manager) who showed some interest in managing the band. Tracks 2, 7 and 12 are a result of those sessions. Wilf was unable to obtain a record deal for the band and they enbarked on a lengthy period of live performances including a six month residency at the royal sandrock inn in Niton.


The band stuttered, broke up and then reformed briefly in 1984 to write new material for the Feet on the street project.

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